JenMarie Zeleznak
I Do Not See You, But Love You Blindly (Like This I Want You)For A Second There, I Thought You DisappearedBut I Just Wanted You (Hanging In Wait Of Fading Echoes, Yet I Only Yearn For You)But I Just Wanted You (I Fade From Myself, And Miss You Again)But I Just Wanted You (The Unseen Sharp Pang, And The Awkward Rhythm Of The Dance)But I Just Wanted You (The Dance Of Flesh On Flesh Has Rendered Us Blind)
Communion With The Universe, No. 2Connections Are Never Easy, You SaidCommunion With The UniverseTransmission From The StarsBegin, AgainJust A Little LongerI Can Hear It In Your SighTrying To Remember The FeelingBut Yet I Still Cannot Find YouTouch Me Deeply As You Once Had, And I Will Not Soon Forget ItI Was Swimming Through The Waves, For What Must Have Been DaysI Never Said I Was Brave, No. 2Where You End, And I BeginThese Dialogue Stars, No. 2Worry Not, My DearTrying To Get Back There, No. 3This Old WoundOn Our Backs, We Float AwayBetween, Within, Without No. 2Trying To Get Back There No. 2Trying To Get Back There. No. 1We Were Written In The StarsI Never Said I Was BraveTo Let Dawn's Drapery Enfold UsSeeking Sanctuary in the Unspoken WordThese Testaments to Divine LightConstant Cycles Strung TogetherTake These Words Pulled From Me Tied To YouTalking to the Moon, Trying to Get to YouThese Dialogue Stars (Dreaming of Sundays in October)
These Dialogue Stars