Artist Statement

I am inspired by the ‘condition of being’ - embracing affective states of consciousness as it pertains to intimate relationships and experiences that develop and unravel. I am motivated by my own relationship anxieties, but it is through the animal as the subject matter in my artwork, that I am able to work through or understand my own complex emotions in a cathartic sense. I am greatly inspired by complex emotions relating to longing and heartbreak, desire and fear, along with intimacy and connection in both body and mind – all concerning both the presence of, absence of, and the ambiguous space in between. I intuitively connect stars from star maps, just as synapses form (and fragment) in the brain. The star maps exist as a visual for the invisible energy that is felt but not seen by the animal subjects. As viewers, we are empathetic onlookers of someone else feeling something deeply or going through an impassioned moment. I’ve created an introspective and internal psychological space for viewers to relate to the animal subjects as autonomous but also as an emblem of the human condition.