JenMarie Zeleznak
JenMarie Zeleznak
JenMarie Zeleznak received her MFA from the Savannah College of Art and Design and her BFA from Cleveland Institute of Art. She teaches at Lakeland Community College and Youngstown State University. JenMarie’s work is notably a part of the National Museum of Wildlife Art’s permanent collection. She is represented by the Diehl Gallery in Jackson, Wyoming and Visions West Contemporary in Denver, Colorado. Her work has been featured in American Art Collector, Art Galleries and Artists of the South, Savannah Homes, Southwest Art, and Images West magazines. JenMarie’s work is introspective, concerned with emotional and spiritual experience. The animals depicted are a medium for the expression of the self, yet they retain their own autonomy, embodying gestures that convey emotional form and are signposts of a kind, indicating shared aspects of being. The pictorial space here isn’t the natural world, but an in-between place - the innermost space between thinking and being. There is serenity in surrendering to an external force, suspended somewhere between despair and reconciliation. JenMarie Zeleznak lives and works at the Tower Press Building in Downtown Cleveland, Ohio.

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