JenMarie Zeleznak
Flowers Only Live So Long Unless Spoken ToAs Long As We Whisper To One Another, We Will Never Fully Hear Each OtherIt's Almost Like We've Died Entwined In That Way We AreGoing Through The Motions But Not Moving OnBetween, Within, WithoutUnder the Weight of My MistakesWith Whole Hearts, Yet Broken WordsForget the Backwards Walk Through Liminal Windows You Never Knew Existed            Clandestine Heartaches Buried Years Deep in Stagnant Days I Fade From Myself, and Miss You AgainI'm Sorry, I Wish Things Could Have Been DifferentI Find Myself There, Yet I Still Cannot Find You             Moving From Side to Side, But Never To MeI Have a Feeling, That You're Feeling Less These DaysTo Never Feel Our Wings Melting No. 3To Never Feel Our Wings Melting No. 2 And I Already Know What It's Like to Die, or So It SeemsThe Ends of These Reaching Arms Need the Touch of Something RealOur Lips Searching for Answers to Questions Unasked
Lovesick: The Psychological Animal